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tre_x_billie's Journal

100% Billie and Tré
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100% Billie and Tré !

Do you think that Billie Joe and Tré Cool getting it on is the hottest thing in the whole universe? Do you think they are the most amazing men alive and are meant to be together? Then this is the community for you. This community was created by two avid fans who love Billie x Tré 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Ever get tired sifting through pages and pages other Green Day slash communities looking for the few fics of solely Billie and Tré? Well worry no more! It's all here for your convenience.
100% Billie and Tré. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Mike Dirnt sold separately.

1.) This community was created for posting slash of Billie Joe Armstrong and Tré Cool of Green Day. Do not post your slash of Billie x Mike or Tré x Mike. This is for Billie and Tré only. Fan art is also acceptable. Basically anything pertaining to Billie and Tré is allowed.

2.) We don't want to hear you rambling about yourself, or how hot you think they are. Yes, that means no introduction posts. You may, however, introduce yourself if you have slash or something else to post. Please do not make a post just for the purpose of introducing yourself.

3.) Please put your slash and fan art underneath a LJ cut. People dont like it when you eat their friends' pages. Don't know what LJ cut is? Look here.

4.) When posting slash or fan art, please put a heading in, including a rating based on your own judgement. It'd be nice if you also included some info about what you're posting. A short little summary would be suitable. You may use this form for slash:

5.) No bashing, fighting, ect. Let's keep it a friendly environment. Thanks.

6.) dO nOt PoSt iF u TyPe lIkE tHis~~~!!!LOLOLOL111@@##@! We want to be able to understand what you are saying. And it's just plain annoying.

If I feel as though your post is unnecessary and/or breaks the above rules, I will most likely delete it without notice.

This community was founded and is moderated by_aibetsu and hyoscineheart. Don't piss them off. ;]
tre_x_billie delivering you Tré x Billie goodness since June 11, 2005.
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Interviewer: (to Tré and Billie) "What do you do on a regular basis when you're not touring?"
Tré: "I wake up, skate to the kitchen, grab myself a beer . . . Then I go for a bath in pink champagne. Sometimes we make sweet love. Sometimes it's in the bath..."

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